Buy Local

When you buy from local merchants, you support your community and your local economy. Your dollars go where they are needed most: toward improvements to the town and people of Hudson.
Why buy local? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Local businesses support the charities, athletic leagues, school activities and other local nonprofits that matter most to you.
  • Local businesses are more likely to patronize local financial institutions, advertising venues, printers, packagers and other local services, thereby perpetuating the cycle and rolling money back into the local economy.
  • Local businesses are personally acquainted with community members and are therefore more accountable to their local communities.
  • Supporting local businesses preserves the economic diversity of our communities and the character of our neighborhoods.
  • Supporting local businesses helps the environment by reducing the energy consumption needed to transport goods long distances, reducing the packaging used to ship items, and reducing the fuel used by shoppers driving to other areas.

How can you help? Here are a few ways:

  • First and foremost, do your own shopping locally.
  • If you have a coupon redeemable at a national chain, ask a local vendor of a comparable item if he or she would consider honoring it.
  • Refer your friends, neighbors and clients to local businesses.
  • Tell downtown merchants that you appreciate their efforts in making the downtown appealing and user-friendly for shoppers.
  • When giving a gift, consider a gift card to a local store.
  • Going out to eat? Check out a locally owned eatery rather than relying on the familiar old chains
  • Tell the merchants whose stores you patronize in other towns to consider opening a storefront in Hudson.

Watch for the Downtown Hudson “Buy Local” gift card, available soon from HBA members and redeemable at many Downtown Hudson businesses.

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